FAQ Page

What is the cost of living in Germany?

The costs are an average of approximately 600 Euro to 1000 Euro per month, could be lower or higher depending on the city and individual lifestyle. Accommodation accounts for half of this amount. There are however tips students can use to reduce the amount significantly.

Can I work while studying ?

Yes, you can work while studying, 20 hours per week, however, those still studying in the foundation/preparatory programs are not eligible to work until they are enrolled unto their main degree. Germany takes labour regulations seriously and non-adherence to this rule can get you sent out of the country.

How easy is it to get a Student's Job ?

There is no definite answer to this. One thing you have to note is that job availability is dependent on so many factors such as language proficiency; remember the official language is German, job skills, location, experience etc. We however don’t advice to rely on this to fund your stay.

Are Germans racists?

Not true. It might interest you to note that Germany is the second most sought after country in Europe.

Do you offer Placements in other countries aside Germany? ?

Yes, we do on request to other excellent destinations as well.

Where does the Foundation/Preparatory program take place?

At our partner Foundation/Preparatory colleges in Berlin.

Are admissions guaranteed?

yes, till date we have achieved 100% placement success, as we put in a lot of work into it.

Do you provide accommodation?

Accommodations are available in Hostels, although competitive and come on a first come first serve basis, other forms of private accommodations can be arranged depending on the situation.

Do you prepare candidates for visa interview?

Yes, we do mock interviews

Can I stay back after my studies?

yes, you are not mandated to return to your country, it is a matter of choice for you. You get an extension of 18 months after your degree program to enable you to search for a job.